Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon, PhD
Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon, PhD

About griselda
(Dr. G)

I came of age in 'post-Reaganomics' New York City.

Brooklyn to be exact. 

With the crack epidemic as our background, my twin and I were reared within a relatively strict Dominican household. Our mother was committed to ensuring that we not get lost in boys, our high school’s exorbitant drop-out rate, nor the violence that promised to consume the neighborhoods we lived in. The proverbial village is what helped me overcome adversity and earn a PhD in Sociology from Syracuse University. Since then, I’ve committed my career to empowering those who are often perceived as disempowered. I share my story as a way to ensure that all of our voices, specifically those of women of color, are represented among the growing tide of collective transformation.

I balance my time as a professor, teaching Kundalini yoga and assisting women during labor as a doula, or birth coach.

Our son, Talib, is a consistent source of inspiration. 


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"Playing in the Sun: Multi-Media Photo Journalistic Project on Afro Dominicans of New York"
Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI)
New York, NY/July 2018

"Birthing (In)Justice: Racial Disparities and Maternal Health"
Fordham University Summer STEP (Science Technology Entry Program)
Lincoln Center, NY/July 2018

"Keepin' it Real with Yourself: Exploring Emotional Intelligence with HighSchool Juniors"
CoolSpeak Youth Engagement Company's Power Of Youth Summer Camp
West Virginia GEAR UP
West Virginia/June 2018

"Sankofa Series: Afro Latin@s in the 21st Century"
Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI)
New York, NY/April-July 2018

"Birthing (In)Justice: Racial Disparities and Maternal Health"
Borders and Bodies Lecture Series of the Polis Project
City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center
New York, NY/April 2018

"Reproductive Justice and Our Communities"
Democratizing Knowledge Project of Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY/March 2018

“Latina Birthing Justice:
Reproductive Injustices among Latinas in the US”
SocioMedial Science Introductory Seminar
Sophie Davis School of Medicine — CCNY
New York, NY |  February 2016

“Being Latino in the 21st Century:
A Campus-Wide Dialogue”
Latino Heritage Month Diversity Talk
Office of Student Life — CCNY
New York, NY |  October 2013

“Success is Inevitable”
First Generation Institute
The Office of Multicultural Academic and
Support Services.
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL |  September 2013

“Sankofa, The Continued Quest for Knowledge:
A Message to the Graduates”

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
Recognition Ceremony
SUNY Binghamton
Binghamton, NY |  May 2013


"Honest Motherhood: Candid Dialogue around the Politics of Motherhood for Women of Color"
Ancient Light Studios, Brooklyn, NY/August 2018

"The Body Keeps the Score: Survivors of Sexual Violence & Birth Justice"
Decolonize Birth Conference
Brooklyn, NY/ Septermber 2017

"Pelo Bueno/Pelo Malo: Socio-Historical Politics of Hair among Afro-Latinas"
Rizos on the Road Summer 2017 Tour
New York, NY/August 2017

"The Discourse of Professional Women of Color: A Private Meeting to Promote & Propel Promotion"
The Mogul Company
New York, NY/ July 2017

"Afro Latinx: A Coalition Worth Building"
The State of Young Black New York: The Art of Justice Conference
New York Urban League Young Professionals (NYULYP)
Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, NY/June 2017

"Being Afro-Latinx: What does it mean? Are you Black?
How do you identify?" Facebook Live Panel
New York, NY | October 2016

“Yoni, Divine Feminine Awakening:
Women’s Self-Empowerment Workshops”

New York, NY |  Nov. 2012 - June 2016

“I Love Me: Self-Respect as the Key to Success”
Long Island Consortium for Excellence and Equity
Middle School Student Leadership Institute
Long Island, NY |  March 2016

“Pelo Bueno/Pelo Malo:
The Power of Hair in Defining Who You Are”

Future Project
NYC Lab High School
New York, NY |  March 2016

“It’s Your Life. Dare to Dream Big”
Women’s Leadership Summit
The City College of New York
 New York, NY |  March 2016

“The Power of Now:
Cultivating Mindfulness in an Age of Intense Change”

CCNY Summer Leadership Retreat
Hudson Valley, NY |  August 2015

University Seminars:

“Black Behind the Ears:
Seminar on Racial Identity in the Dominican Republic”
INTEC (Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo)
Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic |  January 2016

“Racism in a Post-Racial Society:
Senior Seminar in International Studies”
The City College of New York
New York, NY |  Spring 2016-Fall 2017

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