The Aquarian Age

The Aquarian Age
There will be no need for cosmetic makeup. Men and women are going to reach out with such dignity, such devotion, such an elevated loftiness of self, and the beauty of the human character will be so bewitching, that not only will the ones who are willing be enjoying and realizing, but also their realization will be so profound that no destructive temptation by another person will work.
— Yogi bhajan

The Aquarian Age is here.

Many have waited lifetimes to be in this moment.

The earth experiences a shift into different astrological signs every 2160 years or so. The official shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age was five years ago on 11/11/11. It is therefore an amazing time to be alive. I am humbled to witness the cellular transformations taking place throughout the entire world.

What we are experiencing is a collective rebirth of a new consciousness. As a doula, I know that birth can be one of the most challenging things for a human to experience. It gets hard; it gets messy.  There are tears, much uncertainty, and a sense that you are not in control. The same is happening with us, the human species. Though the future seems perilous, there is a divine order to all of it. We are birthing new ways of being.

The old paradigm must die in order for a new earth to be born.

This is why those in power seem to be getting messier with their tactics of domination of indoctrination. A new consciousness will dismantle this old world order as we start to see our reality with new eyes. Tensions exist as remnants of the previous Piscean age try to hold on to antiquated and dehumanizing ways of relating. Rebirth is not always easy and painful moments are expected. Hence Donald Trump is now president.

The Aquarian Age teaches us that the pain brings lessons and blessings. Pain can often push us to look at our lives in a deeper manner; it helps us assess the things that no longer serve our highest good. The pain is a master teacher of sorts. But what happens to a culture, like in the US, that has been conditioned to fear pain? This is a culture that uses all sorts of substances and distractions to numb ourselves from feeling all sensations fully, especially the unpleasant ones.

There is resistance to embracing this rebirth because, via our egos, humans have been conditioned to fear pain. As a culture seeped into a God-complex, where all things are supposedly under our dominion, the last thing we want to do is surrender to pain. But why fear something that is present throughout every single stage of our existence? From birth, we witness that pain and discomfort are the foundations of how we emerge on earth. The beauty is in knowing how to transform our relationship to this pain, or discomfort. That is what the Aquarian Age is about.

The Aquarian Age is about living and thriving in spite of pain.

The Age teaches us that our hearts are gateways to deeper ways of loving. But first we have to do away with old habits and old ways of looking at the world that keep our hearts heavy and locked behind protective walls. Jealousy, doubt, anger, fear are manifestations of blocked heart-spaces. Humanity, as a collective, exists in a perpetual state of grief. And a lot is happening in the world that can pull us deeper into despair. But the grief is important.

The pain teaches us things that NOTHING else in existence can. Think about the moments that propelled you to grow in your life. The death of a loved one, a break up, or some sort of unexpected traumatic event is often noted as transformative moments that changed us. In order to relieve the sensations, grief and sorrow often push us to do things that we’ve wanted to do for too long but have been too afraid to do.

Painful experiences therefore reveal things that we have been in denial about. This election has shown the US itself like nothing else has in a very long time. Those in denial about the hatred and fear that is brewed in USA have gotten a rude awakening. But there is nothing new about the fear that cemented the foundation of this nation. The difference is that there is now a growing tide of resistance that can no longer withstand abuse. LOVE is the anecdote for all of this madness.

LOVE of a new kind.

This type of love is revolutionary; it is beyond a romantic connection. Loving what you do, where you are, whom you are with, and what is happening in your life is how we LOVE in a new way. The Aquarian Age teaches us that pain and love are both master teachers. For example, the love for one's child during birth is the same level of love for oneself and each other that is growing in the world.  

Through birth we learn that the love that you have for the being you are bringing into the world is way bigger than the pain that shows up.

The same thing can be said about the collective pain humanity is experiencing. We must learn to love the vision of a better world more than we do the madness that threatens to take over.

We are all rebirthing ourselves, whether we are aware of it or not. It's part of the Aquarian Age. Old ways of being are dieing and new ones are being born. It happens every time a new age is dawning. We have to see what no longer serves us so that we can do away with it. The purging process is where we practice being more loving, being more patient. It’s easy to fall prey to hating that which has no purpose in our lives, that which brings us pain. But we can love in spite of pain. We can learn to look at all things with gratitude, even the pain. Thanking the pain for the lessons that it brings, and then bidding it farewell.

The more gratitude we show for what we have in our lives, the more strength we gather. Simple gratitude for the air we breathe and the blood pulsing throughout our veins sends love frequencies through the ethers. A simple exercise I've done for over 10 years is mentally, verbally and/or physically list what I am grateful for. From the nails on my fingers to my ability to digest food. Gratitude for the shoes on my feet and the computer I write on. I've found that whenever I feel stuck, I do this exercise and things start to shift. Subtly, but powerfully.

Bit by bit. This is how revolutions form.

The mass marches and political activism are macroscopic manifestations of the microscopic shifts we make in our daily lives. How are we treating ourselves? What type of conversations are we having with ourselves? What are we doing with our gifts? Are we sharing them widely or hoarding them for profit? The healing happens on a collective level. It’s just like birth; it often takes a strong birth team to usher in a new being.  The village that is witnessing humanity’s re-birth is one of faith, love and transparency. Collectively, we can create spaces of love to welcome the new ways of being to life. What will that look like depends on you and your vision of a new earth.

The time is now. Will we wallow in grief or ask the pain to show us its lesson and then bid if farewell, in love?

Drake said it best: “What a time, to be alive…”